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Employee Benefits Insurance in Vietnam

You started a company and it grew to the point that you wanted to recruit people. You’ve decided it’s time to provide compensation to those workers. You can provide a variety of employee benefits insurance, and you should familiarize yourself with the choices for each one.  Even if it comes at a cost, offering benefits […]
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Tenzing Smart Employee Benefit Strategies

In South East Asia, particularly Vietnam, there is a lack of corporate pensions, group health & life insurance plans.  Compared to places UK, Europe & North America, why do companies in Vietnam overlook this?  Why are they, your employees, worth investing in? Here are a number of reasons you may want to consider employee benefits in […]
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Patrik Shore Tenzing Pacific Services

Patrik Shore

Senior Advisor
From Sweden & New Zealand
7 years' insurance experience
Joined Tenzing in 2019
Crim Science
Speaks English and Swedish

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