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How does international health insurance work?

How does international health insurance work?

When you’re visiting a nation without healthcare, and need medical assistance, some of these countries are not obligated to supply you with services. Furthermore, in most nations that offer universal health care, there are no fundamental or recurrent health-care expenses. They will also not pay for your evacuation or assistance in returning home. So without […]
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Getting International Health Insurance For Family Abroad

What is International Health Insurance?  Embarking on a permanent move abroad or traveling to a remote destination can be an extremely rewarding, life-altering experience. However, uprooting one’s life and relocating can bring unforeseen risks and hazards. This holds especially true for re-settling families.  International health insurance, also known as expat or global health insurance, is […]
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Expat health insurance

5 Useful Tips to Save Money on Expat Health Insurance

The stress of relocating abroad or organizing a multiple-month-long trip away can be made worse by large by international health insurance prices and their incalculable associated costs.  International health insurance, also known as expat or global health insurance, is insurance that covers medical procedures for those who work, live, or study abroad, or for individuals […]
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Expat Medical Insurance In Vietnam

If you’ve ever properly looked online for Expat Medical Insurance in Vietnam, you’ve probably realised how confusing it is. Overwhelming is an adjective that comes to mind when looking at the possibilities! So where do you start? We suggest starting with the type of provider: a Vietnamese provider or an International provider. Overall, there are […]
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Medical Insurance That Covers Sport

The NHS Won’t Be There to Help, only medical insurance that covers sport can Like many expats in Southeast Asia, I like playing a sport in my spare time. This can range from Rugby to Football (soccer for you Yanks), to Aussie Rules Football, and even Gaelic football. This encompasses: Training Friendlies League matches Tournaments around Asia […]
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