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Getting International Health Insurance For Family Abroad

What is International Health Insurance?  Embarking on a permanent move abroad or traveling to a remote destination can be an extremely rewarding, life-altering experience. However, uprooting one’s life and relocating can bring unforeseen risks and hazards. This holds especially true for re-settling families.  International health insurance, also known as expat or global health insurance, is […]
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Expat health insurance

5 Useful Tips to Save Money on Expat Health Insurance

The stress of relocating abroad or organizing a multiple-month-long trip away can be made worse by large by international health insurance prices and their incalculable associated costs.  International health insurance, also known as expat or global health insurance, is insurance that covers medical procedures for those who work, live, or study abroad, or for individuals […]
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Health & Life Insurance FAQs in the age of COVID-19

Health & Life Insurance FAQs in the age of COVID-19 Get the answers you need, including:   Which providers cover COVID-19  Cost of plans Evacuation rules  Hospitals & billing How are private health insurers treating COVID-19? The vast majority of reputable, international insurers have already issued written confirmation that COVID19 is covered under their respective policies, […]
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Top-Up Health Insurance

  Top up Health Insurance Noun Private health insurance which covers you outside the scope of your employer provided health insurance, whether you exhaust your policy limits or for benefits that you don’t have.  Many employers in Southeast Asia provide health insurance from local insurance companies that have a maximum annual limit between $3,000 – $10,000 USD/person/year.  […]
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Tenzing Smart Employee Benefit Strategies

In South East Asia, particularly Vietnam, there is a lack of corporate pensions, group health & life insurance plans.  Compared to places UK, Europe & North America, why do companies in Vietnam overlook this?  Why are they, your employees, worth investing in? Here are a number of reasons you may want to consider employee benefits in […]
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Vietnam’s Health Insurance Secret

We’re going to let you in on a secret; insurance is like most things, you tend to get what you pay for. We’re going to reveal why with a real anecdote that just happened (01/08/19).  As we arrived in our office on this sunny morning, we had a new health insurance request as follows: I […]
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Mandatory Health Insurance in Thailand for Retirees

Do I need it? – Written by Craig McAvinue, Senior Associate | Thailand Since the recent announcement that over 50s on Retirement Visas will now require Mandatory Health Insurance as a condition to renew their visas, brokers and insurance companies alike have been swamped with queries and questions, including myself.  I will leave it to […]
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Top 5 Reasons to Get Health Insurance

With the rising cost of healthcare across Asia, sometimes one needs a nudge to finally get health insurance. Perhaps something happened to someone you know or maybe you just think it’s insane to go without.  Here are our Top 5 Reasons, with detailed answers on each point below.  1) Protect yourself and family from unforeseen […]
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Inpatient vs Outpatient

Key Differences between inpatient vs outpatient and What’s Best for You Whenever one of our advisors at Tenzing is having a consultation, one of the first topics we discuss is which health insurance benefits you would like to have included in your policy.   If you’re new to private health insurance, you may be unfamiliar with […]
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Guide To Insurance in Vietnam

Looking for Health Insurance in Vietnam? One thing we try to be at Tenzing is transparent with our clients, setting their expectations correctly from the start, so there are no negative surprises along the way.  This is why we’ve created our Guide to Health Insurance in Vietnam so that you can have the best user […]
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