Personal Finance

9 Tips to Kickstart your Savings Plan

9 Tips to Kickstart Your Regular Savings Plan

9 Tips to Kickstart your Savings Plans Every year when people are making their New Year’s Resolutions one of the most common ones pertains to one’s personal finances, including: Achieve one or more financial goals Save more Get financially organized Get an actionable plan in place We’ve all been there, we’ve all said “this year […]
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Fixed Interest

All You Need to Know about Fixed Interest Rates

The majority of lending and borrowing activities are subject to interest rates. Individuals take out loans to buy houses, finance ventures, start or expand businesses, or pay for college tuition. Businesses take out loans to finance construction investments and extend their businesses by buying fixed and long-term properties including land, offices, and machinery. Borrowed funds […]
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Patrik Shore Tenzing Pacific Services

Patrik Shore

Senior Advisor
From Sweden & New Zealand
7 years' insurance experience
Joined Tenzing in 2019
Crim Science
Speaks English and Swedish

- Savings Plans
- Health Insurance
- Life Insurance