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Henner Health Insurance

Henner offers worldwide coverage to nearly everyone, regardless of residency or citizenship. The local affiliate is PTI.

Henner Health Insurance

Key Features

Available to expats and locals up to age 70
Worldwide coverage
Pre-existing conditions generally excluded but coverage for some may be available for a fee
COVID treatment covered; testing, vaccines under outpatient policy only
Community rating means any annual premium increases will be reasonable and renewal is guaranteed
Direct billing at most big expat hospitals for inpatient stays means you don’t need to pay upfront
No direct billing for outpatient visits
Direct billing for outpatient visits with advance notice
Bank transfers and credit card payments
Employer group plans available with significant discounts

Direct Billing Partners

Sample Pricing for a 35-year old


inpatient only
$ 65 Monthly
  • $500,000 Limit
  • Inpatient + Evacuation
  • Outpatient
  • Annual Checkups
  • Routine Dental
  • Maternity


inpatient + outpatient
$ 139 Monthly
  • $500,000 Limit
  • Inpatient + Evacuation
  • $4,000 Outpatient
  • Annual Checkup
  • Routine Dental
  • Maternity


+ Annual Check, Dental
$ 199 Monthly
  • $1,000,000 Limit
  • Inpatient + Evacuation
  • $6,000 Outpatient
  • $300 Annual Checkup
  • $1,300 Routine Dental
  • Maternity
Best Value


highest values
$ 279 Monthly
  • $2,500,000 Limit
  • Inpatient + Evacuation
  • Outpatient
  • $500 Annual Checkup
  • $2,300 Routine Dental
  • Maternity

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Personal Discounts

2-person policy
3-person policy
4+ person policy
$5,000 deductible
$8,000 deductible
From $30/month

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Henner Vietnam

    While Henner is located in Vietnam, to they can accept:

    • Vietnam: expats and local citizens
    • Other countries in South East Asia: expats only

    They can take new applicants up to age 70 at the time of applying. All Henner policies offer lifetime renewability and guaranteed renewals. This means that regardless of your claims history, age or health status, they are required to offer you a renewal policy. The only providers who are like this in Vietnam are Aetna, April and Luma.

    With all policies from Henner insurance Vietnam, you are able to choose your main coverage area:

    • South East Asia excluding Singapore
    • Worldwide excluding USA, Hong Kong, China, Brazil & Switzerland
    • Worlwide excluding USA
    In addition to having your regular coverage area, Henner’s plan all offer Emergency Coverage Area benefit to provide you emergency coverage for hospitalizations while you are temporarily traveling in any of the excluded countries. For this benefit, Henner will provide you full coverage worldwide during temporary trips up to 90 days to cover emegency hospitalization only. 

    There are four plans for Henner insurance Vietnam as follows:

    • Primary: Inpatient
    • Vitality: Inpatient and some outpatient
    • Serenity: Inpatient, Outpatient, Annual Checkup, Routine Dental, Maternity
    • Prestige: The highest levels of all benefits + vision

    In addition to the primary benefits, Henner Vietnam also allows its members to choose from a few add-on benefits:

    • Death or Total Permanent Disability
    • Accidental Death

    These pay out a lump sum benefits based on death from all causes and/or accidental death and/or permanent disability. These benefits are only taken as an add-on to a Henner policy, if you’re looking for standalone life insurance, Tenzing has other options.

    Henner offers group policies in addition to personal, this includes Medical Health Disregarded (MHD) plans, which start from having 10+ employees. This means waiting periods and pre-existing conditions can be covered for your employees. 


    Henner Vietnam only offers one type of application and underwriting: Full Medical Underwriting (FMU), which means you will need to make a range of declarations based on your medical previous medical history. 

    The good thing about FMU underwriting, is that before you even are a member, you’ll know clearly what’s covered and what’s not. Henner can consider covering pre-existing conditions with a premium loading, this is where they can accept a condition and cover all future treatments related to that condition, but will charge you a surcharge to do so. 

    Henner Vietnam unfortunately only accepts annual payments that can be made via a bank transfer. We at Tenzing have been promised they’re looking to upgrade their payment options available, including more methods and frequencies. 

    The Henner insurance group as a whole has one of the single best direct billing networks, not on in Asia, but globally. They have built an extensive direct billing network so their global members can get cashless direct billing at the best hospitals and clinics. You can see some examples of the types of places you can get direct billing below. 

    Like almost all insurance providers, Henner will cover people for COVID-19 treatments provided you it’s not a pre-existing condition and that you’re only covered up to your plan’s benefits and limits. They are happy to provide a COVID-19 insurance certificate should you require one to travel or other purposes, just ask your Tenzing advisor and we will assist. 

    The main thing that Henner doesn’t do is offer outpatient direct billing for any of their plans except their highest plan (Prestige). Henner also doesn’t offer an efficient sign-up or claims service. While they get the job done in the end, they can be quite slow.  In addition, Henner also doesn’t offer no claims discounts, the ability to mix & match between different family members, child-only plans or any options for Savings Plans


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