International Bank Account

Open an International Bank Account

A flexible international bank account, designed for globally mobile citizens that allows for regular transactions with an optional Visa Debit.

International Bank Account

Key Features

Standard Bank in Isle of Man
Current account
Optional Visa Debit card
Safe political and economic jurisdiciton
Open remotely
Online Banking
Available to anyone
Standard Bank

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How To Open an International Bank Account

Just like your home country, you’ll need a bank account while living and working abroad. True,  relying on your home bank account while away is possible in some cases, but chances are you’ll be paid in a foreign currency and will need an international bank account. Who wants to deal with incredibly high transaction fees anyway?

Although it varies between countries, to open an international bank account you’ll need your passport, valid visa, proof of residence in the host country, and a work contract. Photographs, a working phone number, and other information might be requested depending on your location. 

Still, check with your company prior to moving, as more banks are allowing customers to open international bank accounts online. 

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