International Health Insurance for a Family Abroad

International Health Insurance
for a Family Abroad

What is International Health Insurance? 

Embarking on a permanent move abroad or traveling to a remote destination can be an extremely rewarding, life-altering experience. However, uprooting one’s life and relocating can bring unforeseen risks and hazards. This holds especially true for re-settling families. 

International health insurance, also known as expat or global health insurance, is insurance that provides medical coverage for those living or traveling overseas. Whether you’re relocating your family for an exciting new job opportunity in Europe, retiring to an exotic sea-side town in South America, or perhaps taking a thrilling motorbike journey across multiple countries in Asia, navigating your destination’s health care system can be both exhausting and confounding. 

An international health insurance plan guarantees coverage of all major medical expenses you might encounter abroad, including; unexpected medical emergencies, hospitalizations, dental care, and routine doctor checkups. Plans are also readily available for pre-existing conditions and chronic illnesses, as well as maternity care and out-patient treatment.   Expat health insurance allows you to enjoy your time away while avoiding the worry of medical-related issues that could result from unanticipated emergencies or day-to-day circumstances. 

How Does International Health Insurance Work? 

Most insurance plans only provide coverage domestically in one’s country of residence. While some plans may offer coverage for brief business trips or short holidays, additional insurance is needed for long-term stays, a school year abroad, or a permanent move overseas. Moreover, some destinations may require proof of international health insurance upon arrival prior to entering the country. International health insurance works similarly to domestic coverage, but with expanded options for coverage in more locations around the world. Much like domestic insurance, expat health insurance reimburses you for medical costs after you file a claim and submit proof of expenditures. 

In return, International health insurance gives you peace of mind when abroad while avoiding unforeseeable large medical costs. 

The Benefits of Having Global Health Insurance For Your Family


Families may be tempted to rely on their host country’s medical facilities for their medical care. Depending on your location, choosing this route could result in either an astronomically large medical bill or a visit to an inadequate health facility that might pose additional risks.  

Enrolling in an International health insurance plan will help you reduce such perils for both you and your family. 

Plans are beneficial to families in the following ways:

Covers a variety of destinations: 

Whether your journey abroad includes weekend family adventures scuba diving, rock climbing, or snowshoeing, or perhaps your backpacking trip takes you on a daring multiple-day trek through the vast Himalayans, your international health insurance plan can be tailored to cover whichever location your adventure takes you. 

Comprehensive maternity coverage 

Are you thinking of moving abroad but worried life as an expat will prove difficult while trying to start a family? International health insurance provides options for expecting families and mothers to be. Comprehensive maternity coverage is available and can be customized for a family or individual’s needs and budget to make positively certain optimal care is provided, including skill and antenatal care. 

Reduce stress 

Adjusting to a new and unique culture, navigating difficult visa and entry requirements for families and pets, or even simply booking lodging and tours for two weeks abroad can all be stress-inducing. Trying to understand the complexities and nuances of your destination’s health care system can tragically transform your time abroad into a nerve-racking experience. Enrolling in international health coverage will result in one less factor to worry about as you explore and settle in your new destination. 


Customized level of coverage 

Every detail of your plan can be customized to guarantee your spouse and children receive the medical attention they require. The flexibility and of these plans permit you the ability to customize them to your specific needs including; out and in-patient care, maternity coverage, medical evacuation, and convalescent coverage for all family members. 

How Much Does International Health Insurance Cost?

International health insurance can be costly. Prices will vary wildly depending on several factors such as; family size, age, gender, duration of coverage, whether or not dental is included, and geographical location. For example, coverage might be more costly in one country while more expensive in the other due to varying costs of procedures. For instance, a surgery in Thailand will cost less than the same procedure in Switzerland. 

Lifestyle and use of tobacco may be considered by the insurer, as well as pre-existing conditions

Ultimately, the final price will be decided by the provider but can be tailored to accommodate travelers on a budget or families planning to relocate for several years or more. 

Details To Look For in a Family International Health Insurance Plan 

Understand your specific medical needs

Whether you’re moving abroad to retire, study or you’re relocating the entire family to a foreign country, it’s vital to anticipate what type of medical coverage you may require. Should maternity coverage be included? Are you due to a dental or vision appointment? Should I only request coverage for inpatient emergency coverage? Take the extra time to carefully review your provider’s coverage when choosing your ideal plan. 

Determine pre-existing conditions 

A pre-existing condition is an ailment acquired before purchasing international health insurance. Depending on the provider, pre-existing conditions can also include an undermined illness such as cancer or a tumor, undiagnosed symptoms, or past injuries such as a broken bone or reoccurring infection. 

 Having a pre-existing condition can be troublesome when shopping for insurance as some insurance providers do not offer it. Still, some will offer coverage given that the condition is not re-occurring. 

It is vital to declare any pre-existing conditions, as well as current and past medical conditions accurately to the provider before enrolling. Failure to include certain information can result in evidence against claims if the pre-existing condition reoccurs. 

Know Your Policy 

Make sure your policy is expansive enough to cover all your needs. Consider policy limitations, such as claim limits, as well as costs of anticipated procedures in your destination. Medical costs can vary greatly contingent on location. Understand your plan’s flexibility in the case travel plans are suddenly and unexpectedly changed prior to enrolling. Most importantly, choose a plan that guarantees your and your family stay safe and happy abroad regardless of circumstances. 

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