International Life Insurance

If you have anyone that relies on your income for their well being, then you may want to consider international life insurance. 

No matter if you’re an expat, local citizen or a business, you can take international life insurance for yourself, family members or employees.   

Additionally, if you’re a business you can arrange a keyperson policy, where the benefit is paid to your company, rather than to a nominated beneficiary.

Life Insurance Plans

Key Features


International Partners & Providers

Underwritten by major international life insurers.  Guaranteed & regulated policies. 


International Life Insurance wherever life takes you, not just for where you currently reside. 

Sum Insured

Can insure between 3x-20x annual income, up to $20M USD.



Currency Options

Policies values, premiums & payouts can be in 


Nominate beneficiaries as you see fit, including percentages, secondary & tertiary nominations. 


Critical Illness, Disability, Income Protection & Additional Accident Cover.

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