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Set up an Offshore Tax friendly investment account and get your hard earned cash growing

How managed investment accounts work

  • Open an investment account on preferred terms with an Offshore Investment Platform or Portfolio Bond depending on your circumstances your advisor will suggest the best solution
  • Discuss with your advisor a strategy based on factors such as risk appetite, investment time horizon income needs and tax planning
  • Select Underlying investments through a low cost Open Architecture Platform (Equities, Bonds, Funds, ETFs)
  • Managed Account has no lock in period or costs of withdrawing cash and can buy daily traded assets for full liquidity

Investment Selection

Blue Chip Funds with Household names - returns of over 50% in three years
Technology Funds
ESG (Ethical Social Governance) options
Direct Equities
Fixed Interest with strong capital guarantees and up to 8% per annum interest
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Craig McAvinue

Director of Wealth Management
Patrik Shore Tenzing Pacific Services

Patrik Shore

Senior Advisor
Hunter Deems

Hunter Deems

Senior Advisor

David Mills

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    Patrik Shore Tenzing Pacific Services

    Patrik Shore

    Senior Advisor
    From Sweden & New Zealand
    7 years' insurance experience
    Joined Tenzing in 2019
    Crim Science
    Speaks English and Swedish

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