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How managed investment accounts work

  • Open an investment account on preferred terms with an Offshore Investment Platform or Portfolio Bond depending on your circumstances your advisor will suggest the best solution.
  • Discuss with your advisor a strategy based on factors such as risk appetite, investment time horizon income needs and tax planning.
  • Select Underlying investments through a low cost Open Architecture Platform (Equities, Bonds, Funds, ETFs).
  • Managed Account has no lock in period or costs of withdrawing cash and can buy daily traded assets for full liquidity.
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Investment Selection

Blue Chip Funds with Household names - returns of over 50% in three years
Technology Funds
ESG (Ethical Social Governance) options
Direct Equities
Fixed Interest with strong capital guarantees and up to 8% per annum interest
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Frequently Asked Questions about

Managed investment accounts

The unpredictable and tragic events of 2020 have demonstrated the urgent need to begin saving and planning for the future. However, choosing the best way to invest can be daunting.

How much should I initially invest? What is a feasible timeline for reaching my savings goals? Which is the best investment account to have? Should I have more than one? All of these are viable concerns and should be thought through prior to investing.

Tenzing is here to help you guide you through these difficult decisions. Our highly trained financial advisors will help you strategize and plan for a safe, happy, and financially secure future.
Tenzing offers several different types of investment accounts to give you choice and flexibility of your investments.

Choose to invest in Technology Mutual Funds, Blue Chip Funds, Direct Equities, and an array of Ethical Social Governance options, plus more. Each of these investment options come with their own unique set of advantages and options to consider.

While exposure to technology stocks, such as Netflix, Amazon, and Microsoft might be fitting for some investors, others might opt to capitalize through a well-established company via a Blue Chip Fund.

Feel free to reach out to us and speak with an advisor for more information.
There’s absolutely no limit to the number of investment accounts you can hold. Depending on your saving goals and eligibility, it could even benefit you to hold multiple accounts across several firms.

Brokerage accounts offer an extensive variety of options for investments including stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Blue Chip and Technological funds are also available. The majority of countries around the world allow tax-free education, pension, or retirement plans. Blending accounts together to maximize savings is a wise way to plan for the future.

So when it comes to the question, how many investment accounts should I have? The answer is simple, as many as you’d like based on your eligibility.
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