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Aplus Health Insurance/Bảo hiểm sức khỏe Aplus

Aplus – International Health Insurance has a lot of focus on Asia with their Easy Care & South East Asia plans. They also have more comprehensive Worldwide plans.

Aplus offers 12 plans in total between their three levels, which can be summarized as follows:

Easy Care

The most stripped down, basic international health insurance available. Easy Care was designed to only cover the most important benefits and get rid of luxury benefits, to help bring the price down. With Aplus Easy Care, they only offer:

  • Inpatient
  • Evacuation
  • Outpatient

There are no annual check-ups, dental, vision, maternity or other add-ons.

Southeast Asia & Worldwide

Both the Southeast Asia & Worldwide level of plans are similar, where they each have four plans with escalating benefits, including:

  • Inpatient + Evacuation
  • Outpatient
  • Optional dental

Plans at a Glance

Easy Care

Basic international health insurance designed for young, healthy people

South East Asia

Higher benefits and limits, that are only available to residents of South East Asia


Most comprehensive benefits and fully worldwide policy with global portability

Who is eligible for this plan?

Aplus has two different insurance partners, which allows them to accept almost anyone anywhere in the world. AXA France is thier partner for expat clients. Pacific Cross International can accept both expats and local citizens.

  • Easy Care: Age 50 maximum, BMI 30 or less, no pre-existing conditions, can live anywhere in the world except USA, Canada & Caribbean.
  • Southeast Asia: New applicants up to age 60, who reside in South East Asia for at least 50% of the year
  • Worldwide: New applicants up to age 60, worldwide including North America

Aplus offers guaranteed and lifetime renewability, meaning you can continue with your insurance policy for life, provided you continue to pay your renewal premium every year. They cannot kick you off their plan after any age or based on your health status or claims history.

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Aplus - International Health Insurance

Aplus health insurance offers a few different coverage areas depending on which plan level you take:

Easy Care:

  • Zone 1: Worldwide excluding North America (USA, Canada and Carribbean)
  • Zone 2: Europe & Africa
  • Zone 3: Southeast Asia & Indian subcontinent, excluding Singapore

Southeast Asia

  • Southeast Asia excluding Singapore


  • Worldwide excluding USA/Canada
  • Worldwide
Regardless of which level of plan or policy you choose, you will Emergency Coverage Area benefit. This covers you during temporary trips in excluded countries.

If you’re a company, get pre-existing conditions covered at just 10 lives with Aplus health insurance. In addition, you can get significant discounts with Aplus group policies and cover a mixture of expat or local employees who are living in variety of countries.

Aplus health insurance has intentionally designed their plans to not accept pre-existing conditions on personal policies. This helps them control their claims and allows them to provide cutthroat pricing on their Easy Care plans and very stable year-over-year pricing with their Southeast Asia and Worldwide plans. As for applicantions:

Easy Care

Moratorium underwriting only, a very basic declaration that no pre-existing conditions are covered and that you don’t have any major medical issues, impending hospitalizations, etc. Due to this accelerated underwriting, it’s possible to get signed up to an Aplus health insurance policy within a few hours.

Southeast Asia & Worldwide

On these two plan levels, you can choose the fast application with a moratorium application or you can do a full medical underwriting (FMU) application, which requires you to make a variety of specific declarations about your medical history. Moratorium will be a very fast application process, where FMU applications take a few business days to process.

All Aplus heath insurance plans are annual policies, but they give you the option to pay with quarterly or semi-annual installments. For quarterly installments, there is a 10% surcharge. For semi-annual installments, there is an 8% surcharge.

All policies are in USD and can be paid via Credit Card authorization form, if you’re paying with an installment. You can also pay online with a payment link.

If you’re paying annually, then you can also do an international bank transfer.

Aplus has developed a very strong direct billing network throughout Asia at the top hospitals and clinics in each country. This includes major hospitals like:

  • Raffles, Mt. Elizabeth, Gleneagles
  • Bumrungrad, Bangkok Hospital, Samitivej
  • Family Medical, FV Hospital, CMI

However, if you’re a member of Aplus Easy Care, then there is no outpatient direct billing. You will need to pay and claim for every outpatient visit. The claims reimbursement period is just 5 days and they’re very good about paying valid claims on time.

All Aplus health insurance plans cover COVID-19 and related treatments up to your policy’s normal benefit limits. If you happen to get put into quarantine, then you are not covered for any related expenses, unless you are diagnosed with COVID.

Your Tenzing Pacific advisor can help you obtain a COVID-19 insurance certificate, which verifies you’re insured and covered for COVID-19. This may be required for international travel, depending on where you’re going.

The main thing that Aplus Health Insurance doesn’t offer is any coverage for pre-existing conditions or if your Body Mass Index (BMI) is 30 or above. In addition, Aplus also doesn’t offer family discounts, the ability to mix & match between different family members, child-only plans or any outpatient direct billing for their Easy Care plans or any options for Savings Plans or Life Insurance


Direct Billing Partners

Sample Pricing for a 35-year old

Easy Care 2

$ 65 Monthly
  • $400,000 Limit
  • Inpatient + Evacuation
  • Outpatient
  • Annual Checkup
  • Maternity
  • Routine Dental


$ 217 Monthly
  • $1,000,000 Limit
  • Inpatient + Evacuation
  • Outpatient
  • Annual Checkup
  • Maternity
  • Routine Dental

Easy Care 4

$ 116 Monthly
  • $400,000 Limit
  • Inpatient + Evacuation
  • $4,000 Outpatient
  • Annual Checkup
  • Maternity
  • $1,000 Routine Dental


$ 310 Monthly
  • $1,600,000 Limit
  • Inpatient + Evacuation
  • $6,000 Outpatient
  • Annual Checkup
  • Maternity
  • Routine Dental

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