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Expacare has unique structure in the sense you can pick many different levels of benefits. There are multiple levels of outpatient, routine dental, wellness and maternity benefits, which can be mixed and matched to your liking with your core inpatient plans. You can even add dental without taking outpatient, which is a very unique offering

Expacare Health Insurance/Bảo hiểm sức khỏe Expacare

Who is eligible for this plan?

Expat and local citizens who are residents of any South East Asian country are eligible to take Expacare health insurance, up to age 64 at the the time of applying. If you’re outside of South East Asia, then Expacare is only available for expat policyholders. Expacare provides long-term safety by offering guaranteed renewability and lifetime renewals, like most modern international health insurance providers.

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Expacare Health Insurance Plan

There are three main coverage areas for Expacare health insurance, including:

  • South East Asia excluding Singapore
  • Worldwide excluding the USA + Carribbean countries
  • Worldwide

Expacare joins April and Morgan Price as one of the few health insurance providers who offer affordable Worldwide plans including the USA.

If you’re traveling in any excluded country, have peace of mind knowing that you have Emergency Coverage Area benefit to cover you for inpatient hospitalizations while your traveling during temporary trips. This covers anywhere in the worlde between $34,000-$51,000 depending on your plan, for up to 6 weeks.

Expacare offers some of the most competitve group health insurance plans, certainly a “best value” group health insurance provider when you compare all factors; benefits, price, service, long-term safety, etc.

You can get simplified underwriting, starting at just 5 employees. This helps make the signup process easier and you can get pre-existing conditions covered and waiting periods waived as well.

Expacare tends to lean on the side of caution by excluding pre-existing conditions, though some smaller pre-existing conditions can be covered if they’re declared and accepted first.

As for applying and underwriting, you have just Full Medical Underwriting for personal policies. You will need to answers a series of questions about your current health status and past medical history before you’re accepted into the plan.

Normal application processing times are between 1-3 business days.

A very unique feature of Expacare health insurance is their healthy lifestyle discount. You can earn up to 25% off depending on your answers to the lifestyle questionnaire, which is based on smoking, alcohol intake, exercising, time missed from work and height/weight (BMI). These factors will need to be declared on an annual basis, and you can earn or lose the lifestyle discount.

As for payments, Expacare health insurance offers three payment installment options:

  • Annually
  • Semi-annually (2%)
  • Quarterly (4%)
Expacare offers quite low installments fees compared to other providers which is nice. Expacare’s benefits and premiums are in USD, and you can pay online through the Expacare website with a card of your choice. You can also pay with an international bank transfer.

One way Expacare offers extremely affordable rates, especially with their healthy lifestyle discount, is by not providing any outpatient direct billing services. For any Expacare member, regardless of where you live, you’ll be required to pay and claim for all outpatient treatments, no matter how big or small the cost. Their claims reimbursement period is pretty quick though.

For more serious treatments which require you to be hospitalized, you can get a Guarantee of Payment, so you don’t have to pay upfront and go through the claims reimbursement process.

Expacare covers COVID-19 like they would any other illness or disease: it’s covered up to your policys’ benefit limits and covered provided it was not a pre-existing condition that you had at the time of sign up.

Any quaratine expenses will not be covered as they are not medically required expenses. Though any treatments costs after diagnosis are covered.

You can get a COVID-19 insurance certficate, which will have your name, policy validity dates and declaration your policy covers COVID-19.

The main thing that Expacare Health Insurance doesn’t do is offer any outpatient direct billing. With Expacare, you must pay and claim for all outpatient visits. Expacare is also quite strict on coverage for pre-existing conditions or if your Body Mass Index (BMI) is 30 or above. In addition, Expacare also doesn’t offer family discounts or any options for Savings Plans or Life Insurance.


Direct Billing Partners

Sample Pricing for a 35-year old


inpatient only
$ 122 Monthly
  • $1,700,000 Limit
  • Inpatient + Evacuation
  • Outpatient
  • Annual Checkup
  • Routine Dental
  • Maternity

Core Basic

inpatient + outpatient
$ 166 Monthly
  • $1,700,000 Limit
  • Inpatient + Evacuation
  • $2,550 Outpatient
  • Annual Checkup
  • Routine Dental
  • Maternity

Core Intermediate

inpatient + outpatient
$ 174 Monthly
  • $1,700,000 Limit
  • Inpatient + Evacuation
  • $5,100 Outpatient
  • Annual Checkup
  • Routine Dental
  • Maternity

Core Intermediate

+ Dental & Annual Checkup
$ 185 Monthly
  • $1,700,000 Limit
  • Inpatient + Evacuation
  • $5,100 Outpatient
  • $850 Annual Checkup
  • $1,275 Routine Dental
  • Maternity
Best Value

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Personal Discounts

Healthy Lifestyle Discount
$170 deductible
$425 deductible
$850 deductible


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