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Saigon Saints

20% OFF Health Insurance

As members of the Saigon Saints we're happy to offer discounted group insurance to cover you on & off the pitch throughout SE Asia with choice of two plans.

Usually group insurance needs to be from an employer, but Tenzing has arranged a special plan with one of our best insurers to offer group discount but with individual policies. 


20% OFF International Health Insurance, including:

  • Choice of 2 plans 

  • Covered for injuries while training or in matches, including regional tournaments

  • SE Asia excluding Singapore (can upgrade)

  • Direct Billing in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines & Malaysia

  • Hospital Network in HCMC:  FV, Family Medical Practice, Raffles, Victoria, Columbia Asia, CMI & Vinmec

  • Can include dependents (further discount)

  • Pre-existing conditions can be considered


Age Plan 1 Plan 2
19-25 $477 $978
26-30 $551 $1,171
31-35 $620 $1,339
36-40 $709 $1,532
41-45 $858 $1,826
46-50 $951 $1,989


  • Premiums must be paid annually

  • Must have 5+ people to start

  • All initial members will have the same start date & 30 days to pay from the declared start date

Premium Notes:

  • Price shown are inclusive of group discount

  • Further discount available if joining with spouse/children

  • Prices do not include coverage for any pre-existing conditions

Sign Up

For the members who are interested, Tenzing will arrange a time to meet to go over details, collect application forms & then wash it down with beers for 1 hour, on the house.


Quinn Miller



Plan 1 = Essential Plan
Plan 2 =  Extensive outpatient

Direct Billing List

Just show your card and get immediate medical treatment.

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Full Medical Underwriting