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Savings Plans

How they work

An international savings & high interest checking accounts to make a regular contributions into funds that allow you to:

  • adjust your regular contribution
  • add a single contribution
  • change funds
  • pause payments
  • withdraw early

Simply put, a low entry savings plan used for capital creation.

Starts at only $250/month

1 years

5 to 20-year term length

1 +


$ 1

minimum one-off contributions

Fund Selection

Whatever your risk tolerance & interests, your advisor will help you select the funds for your portfolio. Some examples include:
New Technologies
Sustainable Growth/ Environmentally Friendly
E-commerce Fund
Luxury Fund
Global Blue Chip Equities Fund
Emerging Markets
and more
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Director of Wealth Management
Patrik Shore Tenzing Pacific Services

Patrik Shore

Senior Advisor
Hunter Deems

Hunter Deems

Senior Advisor
Saving Plans

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    Frequently Asked Questions about

    Saving plans

    Deciding which investment plan is right for you can be exhausting, and let’s face it, financial planning terminology can be confusing. So what exactly is the difference between monthly savings plans and regular savings plans? Turns out they’re the same thing.

    Regular savings plans are a regimented way of saving through routine contributions to an investment fund. Monthly contributions can be minimal, which allows for investments without large capital. These small regular investments can grow steadily over a long period of time due to their flexibility to capitalize on market opportunities. A variety of plans are available to meet your investment goals.
    Expats and families who stay long-term abroad will often find themselves in unique financial situations. Low cost living and higher than average wages are financial boons to some, but extra savings are often balanced out by exchange rate fluctuations and expensive overseas travel costs, amongst other expenses.

    Expat Savings Plans are broad strategies that help you plan for your future and secure your finances while living and working abroad. This can be in the form of investment accounts, personal bank and pension accounts, emergency funds, and more. Your location or country of temporary residency can also impact how you approach financial savings as an expat.
    Patrik Shore Tenzing Pacific Services

    Patrik Shore

    Senior Advisor
    From Sweden & New Zealand
    7 years' insurance experience
    Joined Tenzing in 2019
    Crim Science
    Speaks English and Swedish

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