Protect your business, assets and liabilities against a variety of risks with Tenzing business insurance solutions. 

Employee Benefits

From health insurance and life insurance to employee savings plans and wellness packages.

Property & Contents

Ensure the physical building is covered, including equipment, furniture and stock items. Covers a range of perils, including fire, storm damage & more.

Business Liability Insurance

Wide range of different types of liability insurance coverage are available, including public, general, product, professional indemnity & more.


Protect your goods while they're in transit, including by air, land and sea.

Worker's Compensation

Protect your employees from work places injuries.

Motor Vehicle

Does your business have vehicles? Make sure they're covered for 3rd party liabliity, damage and theft.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about

    Business Insurance

    Business liability insurance is a type of insurance that provides the company protection against injury and damage claims. Coverage typically covers claims caused by a company’s staff, the organization’s products or services, or unforeseen circumstances due to weather, mold, or other cataclysms.

    Business liability insurance is advantageous to small or large business owners by protecting their assets in the case of a business-related lawsuit or third-party claim.

    In addition, policies generally cover legal defenses, as well as claims of false or misleading adverts or copyright infringement.

    Business liability insurance is separated into three main types: General liability insurance, product liability insurance, professional liability insurance.
    Many businesses opt to take care of their staff by offering employer-supplied insurance. Business health insurance, also known as employer-sponsored health insurance, is insurance provided by the employer that covers the health care costs of employees and their dependents and spouses.

    Premiums for business health insurance are often shared by both the employer and employee, creating an advantage for families hoping to save money on health insurance costs. Businesses gain in that health care coverage for staff creates a competitive edge for the organization.

    Similar to traditional insurance, business health insurance can cover an array of services and medical treatments with the typical add-ons and extras. However, coverage plans are generally decided by the employer, which may or may not fit the needs of each staff member.

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