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Including both employee benefits health and life insurances
Centralized group policy, starting with 2 employees
Create tiers by seniority
Customized benefits
Pre-existing condition coverage
Group discount rates

Pre-existing conditions

Get pre-existing condition coverage with 5+ employees on a group plan.

Customized Benefits

Choose benefits for each tier level, from basic to fully comprehensive benefits.

Year-Round Customer Service

Tenzing helps make the administration of your policy easy for you and your employees.

Employee Seminar

Get a free employee benefits seminar to help employees understand their plan.
Employee Benefits

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    Employee Benefits Insurance

    Employee benefits insurance is insurance that covers mishaps and errors that occur when business health insurance is administered by the employer.

    For example, imagine a scenario in which an HR representative failed to enroll a new employee in the company’s health insurance plan. If the employee were to become injured, they would be mistakenly uninsured and would then legally bear all medical costs. Employee benefits insurance would provide coverage for the error as well as any medical services and treatments.

    Employee benefits insurance can generally cover many services and treatments specified in the business health insurance plan, including health, retirement, and dental.

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