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International Health Insurance

With the rising cost of healthcare in Asia, international health insurance is essential in providing protection against high out-of-pocket medical expenses.  As a broker, Tenzing Pacific Services is here to help simplify that process, from the initial consultation to our year-round customer service.

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International Health Insurance

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International Health Insurance

Key Features

See some of key features that come with our international health insurance plans. Hover or click to see more:


pay for what you need

Pay only for what you need;
Inpatient, outpatient, evacuation, maternity & routine dental

Direct Billing

across Asia & beyond

Cashless direct billing at the best hospitals and clinics in your coverage area

Coverage Area

local, regional or global

Get coverage where you need:
Country specific
Regional Asia
Worldwide (US optional)


coverage and certificate

Coverage for COVID treatments up to your plan's benefits and limits + COVID certificate for traveling

Pre-existing Conditions


see if your condition can be included for an additional fee or at no extra charge. Read More

Cost Savings

reduce your premiums

With deductibles, co-pays or simply by breaking up the expense into monthly or quarterly installments


Cashless Direct Billing

Need treatment?

Don’t worry about paying for high medical bills with cashless direct billing at the best hospitals in South East Asia & beyond.

Summary of

Health Insurance Benefits

With any health insurance plan you take out, you have the option to choose which benefits you’d like to have. Your Tenzing health insurance advisor will make sure you’re covered for the benefits that matter the most to you. 

hospital bed


Covers major treatments which require overnight stays in hospitals for things like surgeries and related hospitalization expenses.


Covers minor treatments where no hospitalization is required.
Read our blog article to learn the difference between Inpatient vs Outpatient.


Get routine dental checkups and procedures covered, from minor visits to comprehensive procedures.
icons8 flying stork with bundle 48


includes routine delivery*, pre & post natal visits, complications, newborn care and more.
*Waiting periods apply
icons8 ambulance 48


includes things like evacuation, repatriation, mortal remains, emergency room and ambulance services.
icons8 plus 48


include Life Insurance, Savings Plans, investment platform account or international bank account.

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Our Consultation Process

There are many factors which affect which options we recommend to our clients. In order to send you meaningful quotes, your Tenzing health insurance advisor needs to gather information, including:

  • Age(s)
  • What’s most important to you
  • Preferred benefits
  • Coverage area
  • Budgetary requirements
  • Pre-existing conditions to consider
Step 1

Initial Consultation

short discovery phone call to understand your needs & budget

Step 2

Source Quotes

from our network of over 30 providers & 600 plans that are suitable for you

Step 3


present comparison of options with explanation and recommendation

Step 4

Get Covered

Application, acceptance, payment, document coordination

Health Insurance Simplified

details below
Johannes Heikkila

Get Health Insurance Quotes

No obligations or added expenses

From $30/month

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    Step 1

    Who is This Policy For?

    Current Health Insurance?


    Preferred Benefits

    First Name

    Last Name


    Phone Number

    Heatlh Insurance FAQs

    Health insurance prices vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including Age, Benefits, Benefit Limitations, Coverage Area, Provider Quality and more. As an agency, we cannot provide a fixed premium chart as we have over 10,000 plan combinations from 30+ providers.
    Both Vietnam and Thailand have modern facilities catering to both expats and natives alike. While Thailand is more known for medical tourism due to its state-of-the-art facilities and economical pricing, health services in Vietnam are very impressive and surprisingly affordable.

    Despite these advantages, it is still recommended that expats and travelers planning to visit or live in these locations have reliable international health insurance. Westerners may find medical amenities lacking in comparison to their own countries and while most health services are generally cheaper in this region of the world, medical bills can easily add up depending on the procedure.
    You will need to fill out a medical questionnaire which is on the application form. Health checks are only required if something about your health check warrants more medical information before a final offer is made.
    Bank transfer, Debit or Credit card.
    Yes, if you have a preferred payment period, please bring this up in your initial consultation so we can recommend a provider that allows you to pay monthly or quarterly. If you pay with installments, the provider will include surcharges for doing so.
    Yes, you are able to get a VAT invoice. Just let us know.
    Most providers will exclude: Pre-existing conditions (unless otherwise declared), non-medically required treatments, unreferred treatments, cosmetic procedures, claims for doing anything illegal, claims outside your coverage area and more.
    Pre-existing conditions can be covered & they are handled on a case-by-case basis for each provider. They will need to be declared on the application form & accepted by the provider to have coverage. If the condition is too risky, then you will usually be accepted into the policy still, but have added exclusions. If you'd like to have a pre-existing condition covered, you will need to provide supplemental paperwork which can include previous medical records or questionnaires.
    We recommend providers & plans based on our clients' needs. Generally speaking, we focus on mid-tier providers that have been well vetted & do not cause our clients & ourselves headaches. These are not the cheapest providers & they are from the most trusted providers.
    Yes, certainly we can help with that. Most providers require at least one adult, but we have providers that can do child-only policies.
    International health insurance works by applying to an insurance provider, where you will declare your past medical history and based on your risk profile, the provider will offer you an insurance plan.

    If you're standard risk, you will get the advertised base rates for the plan you selected.

    If you have a riskier profile due to health conditions, job risks, high BMI, etc. then the provider can charge you a surcharge to accept you into their plans.
    The premium is the price you pay for the plan that you take out, which is based on your risk profile in compared to the plan you take and their respective benefit limits.
    Many providers are extending the maximum age for new applicants, this will vary from provider to provider. Usually, most providers stop accepting applicants at age 65, 70 or 75. There could be additional costs, or medical exams required to sign up.

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