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Home Insurance in Vietnam

Get home insurance in Vietnam to protect your home and contents from a variety of perils, including fire, rain damage, theft and more. 

Plan 1

Home Protection
2,200,000 Annually
  • Building: 500,000,000đ
  • Contents: 200,000,000đ
  • Liability: 500,000,000đ

Plan 2

Home Protection
3,300,000 Annually
  • Building: 1,000,000,000đ
  • Contents: 400,000,000đ
  • Liability: 1,000,000,000đ

Plan 3

Home Protection
5,400,000 Annually
  • Building: 2,000,000,000đ
  • Contents: 800,000,000đ
  • Liability: 2,000,000,000đ

Custom Plan

Home Protection
đ TBD Annually
  • per your selection
  • per your selection
  • per your selection

What Our Expat Home Insurance Covers in Vietnam?

Tenzings expat home insurance options cover property and capital assets in Vietnam. Expat insurance in Vietnam begins at just 2,200,000 VND ($95 USD) and includes building, content, and liability protection for your home and possessions. 

As Vietnam holds one of the world’s longest coastlines, much of the country is located in a tropical typhoon-prone area with unpredictable and often harsh weather conditions. Through Tenzing’s expat home insurance options, you can take comfort in knowing that your home is protected from the risks of typhoons, windstorms, hail, and other severe weather. Tenzing insurance covers damage caused both to the building’s physical structure, as well as damaged or destroyed items inside. This means valuables including documents, furniture, appliances, and electronics will be protected up to 8,000,000,000 VND ($344,000 USD). Our options also protect you from theft and burglaries. 

All of our plans also include liability protection that protects you from lawsuits filed by others. For instance, in the unforeseen event that a storm or gust of wind blows over a tree that unfortunately affects a neighboring property, your expat home insurance will assume liability costs. 

Tenzing’s expat home insurance ensures the safety and security of your property and belongings during your time overseas. 

Why Tenzing Provides Cheap Home Insurance Compared To Others

Protecting your hard-earned assets is crucial to securing and planning for your future. Home insurance provides a financial safety net in the case your property is affected by natural disasters such as lightning, windstorms, or hail, as well as possible liabilities from theft and other accidents.  

Tenzing offers a large array of affordable and highly effective home insurance options to protect your property from unforeseen perils. Our home insurance options cover property in Southeast Asia and include building, content, and liability protection. Ten-Pac’s home insurance coverage starts at as little as $95 USD annually with several options to expand.

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