Life Insurance by Ten Pac


You should consider life insurance if you....

Have someone who relies on your income
Have a mortgage or other liability
Have or are starting a family
Are a keyperson in a company
Have a business loan


Cover includes death from all causes, with options to add-on critical illness and disability benefits.

Global Coverage

Your life insurance will cover you no matter where you live, travel or move to.

Affordable Level Premiums

Rates do not increase every year with age or inflation. Lock in the best rate now.

Sum Insured

Insure up to 20x your income

Types of Life Insurance

Term Life Whole Life Universal Life Annual Life

Straightforward & low cost term life insurance, where a specific term is selected from the onset. The benefit is payable if death occurs during the term selected.  This covers death from all causes; Accidents, Illness & Disease.  

Terms are usually in 5-year increments between 5-35 years. Payments can be annually, quarterly or monthly.  If you stop paying the premiums, the policy will void with no refund.  Premiums are fixed for the duration of the term, based on your age at entry. Rates will not increase with age of inflation.  

There are also add-ons for: Critical Illness, Disability & Double Accident Benefit (benefit doubles if death is from accident)

Rather than selecting a specific term, with whole life insurance the policyholder is covered for their..... whole life.  This will guarantee to pay the benefit out so long as premiums are paid & the claim is valid. Payments are still made every year, or can be condensed into a 10-year period. There is no cash back/refund element.  Premiums are fixed for the duration of the term, based on your age at entry. 

Universal Life Insurance is usually used to generate wealth. With Universal Life Insurance, you put in a lump sum premium upfront. You're covered for 3x your lump sum.  The minimum initial input is $50,000 usd. 
This is a term life policy, but there is no set term. You just pay the renewal premium every year.  Premiums annually will increase with age & inflation. 
from $20/month

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    Underwritten by major international life insurers. Guaranteed & regulated policies.
    International Life Insurance wherever life takes you. Plans cover you no matter where you live, work, travel or move to.
    Can insure between $50,000 - $20M USD
    Policies values, premiums & payouts can be in
    Nominate beneficiaries as you see fit, including percentages, secondary & tertiary nominations.
    Critical Illness, Disability, Income Protection & Additional Accident Cover.

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