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Travel Health Insurance

Travel health insurance is short-term insurance that covers medical expenditures during a holiday or short stay away. Travel health insurance is purchased through a provider and begins the minute one leaves their home country.

Travel health insurance should not be confused with travel insurance. While they share many similarities, travel insurance covers costs associated with lost luggage, travel delays, unexpected cancellations, and a limited amount of emergency medical procedures. Travel health insurance is more focused on covering a wider array of medical-related issues. Travel health insurance can be thought of as an expansion of typical travel insurance.

Travel insurance is a type of insurance that provides coverage to individuals or groups that are leaving their domestic coverage area for a short amount of time, such as for leisure or business. Travel insurance covers a wide arrange of claims, from lost baggage to missed or cancelled flights.

But how do you choose the best travel insurance?

Know and understand what you’re wanting coverage for then examine your options. Are you traveling to an area that is prone to natural disasters? Are you traveling with pets and wish to guarantee their safe return in the case of unexpected cancellations? Tenzing is dedicated to working with you to make sure you’re safe and worry-free while away.
Travel health insurance covers a wide range of medical-related services and treatments. Unlike regular travel insurance, which may only cover lost or stolen baggage, travel health insurance offers more expansive coverage that includes health and emergency services.

Travel health insurance is recommended for short or prolonged stays away from home or if you plan to travel to locations with more elevated risks such as natural disasters or airborne infections. Plans will depend on the length of stay, amongst other factors, but individuals and group plans can be tailored to cover a variety of needs. Typical travel health insurance covers medical evacuations, emergency visits, dental care, medicine and doctor visits, and emergency transport to your country of origin.
International travel insurance is insurance that provides medical coverage to individuals leaving their domestic coverage area. International travel insurance ensures your safety in the case of injury or another unforeseen medical-related issue that occurs when abroad.

International travel insurance functions similarly to domestic insurance. An individual or group enrolls in a plan that provides coverage for an agreed-to amount of services. The enrollee pays a lump sum or premium and in the case of a medical emergency or injury, a claim can be made to the insurance company. The main difference from domestic plans is that international travel insurance provides more coverage with a wider-spanning network in countries all around the world.
Travel insurance costs depend on many factors but put simply, the price is up to you. While there are many budget options that cover basic mishaps such as lost luggage or cancelled flights, travel insurance costs can increase depending on your chosen plan and what’s included in your specific policy.

For example, add ons such as dental or certain types of medical coverage will result in increased travel insurance costs. Additionally, the age of enrollees and amount of dependents included in the plan can also dramatically affect premiums and total costs. However, most elements of travel insurance plans are negotiable and can be tailored to suit a variety of needs and medical-related issues.
Flights, fees, visas, hotels, and food. While all of these are necessary components of any holiday, they can add up quickly. Whether you’re vacationing with style in Europe or taking a budget backpacking through South America, chances are you’ll be looking for ways to save a bit of cash.

Tenzing travel insurance starts at a mere $10 per week, and we pride ourselves in offering the most affordable plans that will keep you and your loved ones safe and worry-free while enjoying your much-needed time away. Cheaper travel insurance plans cover lost baggage and cash, refunds for airline failures, and unexpected cancellations in case your plans are disrupted.
The coronavirus pandemic has reshaped the world and life as we know it and has affected travel in almost every country around the globe. As air and land travel begin to return to pre-covid levels, travellers eager to hit the road will have countless questions regarding posed risks, testing, and proof of safe travel.

This will undoubtedly lead to the question, does travel insurance cover coronavirus?

The answer is yes.

Travel insurance purchased through Tenzing will cover costs associated with coronavirus testing and the Covid-19 Health Certificate that proves an individual is safe for travel, whether it be for leisure, work, or required by the destination country.

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